Lito is model - Edited              Lito is funny model

Sometimes it helps to have a model, when I want a certain expression on the face. So I ask my daughter to sit and express it (the mother of tenderness). A perfect nose and face for the iconstyle and she sits patient, but when I ask her to turn this way and a little more this, but less that and on and on … I get this. 🙂


Flip and Eleousa III - Edited
Flip and Eleousa III

This voluntary model I don’t need, because I never see cats in icons. Time to change it?

The details on her scarf

He loves to sit or lay on the table when I paint, which is a terrible combination, because no matter if he moves or not he always leaves his hair everywhere, so I find it in my paint and on my icons all the time. I’ve tried to send him away, but he knows how to sneak in everytime again.

When I’m working so still and calm he wants to be as close as possible, which I got used to allow, in spite of the hairy hassle, because he brings silence and peace wherever he is.