Get your own icon

Do you like to have an icon for yourself or to give one to your loved ones, your best friend, a stranger, the neighbours or whoever you choose?

Roel1 (1)
Another happy owner of an Archangel icon at home

You can have a tour on this site and go to the gallery on the right side of every page. There you will find all the icons already finished and some are still in progress. Not all the icons shown here are for sale, because some are already sold. Or they are promised or were given away. (© Jeannette van Uffelen)

If you find an icon not available anymore, you can order one like that. It can be made same style, but will never be an exact copy. You can see the Eleousa I and II, they started the same way, were made in the same time, but the result is different.

You can send us a picture of an icon you would love to be made for you.

Anything is possible if you give it some time.

Another way to get an icon is by becoming my patron and support me. It’s a way to help me and pay for an icon in smaller amounts. See my patreonpage, click below.

Just contact us at