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Plaka, Athens, December 2017

Jeannette van Uffelen is born in The Hague and lives in  The Netherlands. She has also bonded with Greece long ago. It’s her second home country.

Christina Theodorakopoulou is born in Gothenburg, Sweden. She lives in Athens and Greece is her home since many years.

They met in 2015 and found themselves sharing a deep love for Greek traditions, lifestyle and more.


Glyfada, Athens, September 2016


When Christina saw Jeannette’s style of painting icons she expressed her wish to make those available also in Greece. Jeannette immediately connected to this idea and fulfillment … to paint icons in Greece felt close to her soul mission, so they decided to start working together in realising a beautiful dream.

In this way even more people can connect to the Love and Inspiration being expressed in Jeannette’s hand painted icons.