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The tryptich (© Jeannette van Uffelen)
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Boards prepared

The creation of the tryptich took a long time and the story of it ended up as a kind of perfect lovestory. I started making it in 2012 and the icon was blessed in The-Archangels-Michaël-and-Gabriël-Church aka the Bulgarian church in my town, in 2015. I didn’t work on it constantly, but I did everything myself. I’ve been sawing and preparing the boards, painted the icons, framed them on a big board, which I’d covered by sewing dark blue velvet around it. It was an amazing and beautiful process, which I enjoyed a lot.


Another happy customer

I have a friend who really has a strong connection with the stuff I make. And he cares about me. I had made my second icon for him as a gift, some years before and he came with us when his icon was blessed in church. He really enjoyed it, so I invited him to join me to the blessing of my icons which I do once in 1 or 2 years, depending on if the people who get my icons want them to be blessed. Before we left my house I said to him: “Well, the tryptich is so heavy and big, let’s leave it at home”, but he insisted on taking the big piece with us and took care of it all the way in and out of the car, the church, the home.

I never realised how much it meant to him until he asked me in 2017, when I was sitting home with a broken ankle, if I ever wanted to sell the tryptich. Immediately I said to him: “Well, if you want it, you can take it. If there’s one person in the world I can give it to, it’s you.” I love the process of making my icons, but I don’t need to keep them all for myself. So I told him to take it if he wanted to, but he said he wanted to buy it for the price I would ask for it. So I sold it to him and we’re both very happy. When I was at his birthday party some weeks later it was good to see the tryptich at his home and … to be overloaded in the appreciation and compliments of his family and friends was fun as well.

You can see the three icons separately here: Michael, Maria Magdalena and Gabriel.


The tryptich

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