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Christos Pantokrator ©Jeannette van Uffelen

This icon I made for myself and I loved it. It was quite a project to find the text in Greek and the right way to paint it. I was happy with the result. Now it’s time to make more new icons, so I’m selling it.

Pantokrator, Greek Orthodox Art, iconografy
Working on the Pantokrator in Toscani, Italy










iconartlove.com, order your traditional handicraft icon here!

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If you prefer not to pay online, we can send you an invoice in your mailbox, so you can choose to pay from your Paypal. Ideal, Bankaccount or Creditcard.

After receiving your order we will email you to confirm, ask for your address and, in case you have any special message you want to connect with the icon, we like to hear about that as well. If you want to connect before ordering, please send us an email, to info@inconartlove.com.



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