Maria Magdalena, Mary Magdelene, iconografia, hand painting, Jeannette van Uffelen Icon Painting, Icon Art Love

This Maria Magdalena, I started in 2015. She is sitting at the grave and he is gone. Her hair is golden and I used a lot of Yellow Ocre in setting up this icon. As well as deep greens and reds.

Sometimes an icon seems a sort of perfect and I hesitated to continue for a long time. This one was on the wall in my kitchen and I loved to see it there. I knew there would be a day when I would take her off the wall and continue.

Elia Stefanidou, Cyprus, iconografia, Jeannette van Uffelen, Icon Art Love

In March 2017 I visited my friend Elia in Cyprus. One day she came to pick me up for a walk in Troödos Mountains, but I slipped of the stairs and broke my ankle.

Elia carried me into her car and brought me to the best privite clinic she knew and stayed with me all the long day until they sent her home and me into the surgery room. She made me laugh when I needed it, she signed a declaration to take all responsibility for me and hurried doctors and nurses to do fix me.

She never brought me back to the studio. After one night in the hospital she took me home.

I knew she loved this icon of Maria Magdalena which she had only seen in the unfinished state online on this website.

So there was my inspiration to finish it with great joy and I brought it to Elia at the end of 2017 and saw her being very happy with it. And that week we finally did our daywalk in Troödos.


Maria Magdalena II

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