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Example photos on the boards

For the triptich I’d chosen Maria Magdalena and the archangels Michael and Gabriel. For the angels I had two photos of old, a little damaged, traditional Greek icons and two different vague photos as an example for Maria.

orthodox greek icons, Archangel Gabriel, iconartlove.com
First setup in basic colours

Bad colors, vague copies, but I had an idea. The vessel was golden and looked very kitch, so I made a ceramic vessel just from my own imagination and some inspiration from another icon. I had three boards, sawed by myself, not too straight, but that gave it some charm.

Archangel Michael, greek orthodox icons, iconartlove.com
First layer with tempera

At first the background of all three of them was clear blue, but I changed it, so there was some more distinction and the green fit better with the angels.

At the end I took a bigger board, packed it into dark blue velvet and pinned the three icons through the back onto the board. Framed it and painted the frame in oxyd purple.

Maria Magdalena, Archangels, Gabriel, Michael, iconartlove.com, iconografie
Tryptich setup on 3 boards

The piece all together is heavy, but it has a strong iron wire on the back to fix it on the wall. It was blessed in december 2015 in the Bulgarian church in The Hague.

Greek Orthodox Art, iconografie, Jeannette van Uffelen, iconartlove.com
After months of working and watching, layer after layer

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