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When I was just eighteen, I visited Greece for the first time. Greece just opened up after the dark years, I was a young blond girl and didn’t understand any Greek, but it felt like home. Twentyfive years ago I took lessons to speak and write New Greek.

During the years I visited more places and islands (and Cyprus) than most Greeks ever did, according to what they tell me. I even lived under a tree on Gavdos for awhile.

In those days every church, big or small or far away on a mountain top, was open. To my amaze there was always an oillamp burning, when there seemed to be no one around. Those churches were places of comfort and the only (literally) cool spots  after a long walk. I’ve spend many hours in there. Extraordinary acoustics, so I’ve enjoyed singing in those far away places, just on my own, no one listening.

iconografy, greek orthodox painting, icons
My home in Gavdos

There I found frescos, some were hundreds of years old, faded by the time, and fascinating ikones. I knew I could do it myself and that one day I would. I’ve been drawing and painting all my life. I like to make stuff; portraits, collages, furniture, clothes, toys and practical stuff. It’s just a gift, a talent. I see it in my mind and find a way to make it. Icons have a tradition of copying, but I see them different and give my own twist to them.

Greece, Sparta, Mystras, iconografy, iconartlove.com
Magical Mystras

I’ve been giving icons away to my beloved ones and then people started to ask me to sell them, which I did as well. After breaking my leg and ankle, I was forced to sit for weeks and not able to do the work I did, so my focus shifted to painting icons. It’s a blessing!

If you want to support me or learn to do it yourself, please become my patron.

Thank you!


How I came to paint icons (blog)

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