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Archangel Gabriel was made for another happy iconlover ©Jeannette van Uffelen 

On a sunny day I brought this icon to the happy new owner and we placed it on the wall which he’d chosen for it. Now the Archangel is the first thing your eyes catch when you enter the house. In front of the entrance in a niche in the classical wide hallway Gabriel is present, with the typical dreaming-away-but-being-aware look on his face.

Gabriel is an Archangel who typically serves as God’s messenger and mentioned in the old and the new testament. After a journey of enjoyable creation and magic it was satisfying to deliver it to a perfect place.

When I’m creating an icon it is like something more is being brought in existence, a connection. Many hours in silence, frustrating moments and magical moments, pure pleasure, awe and realisation. And than there’s a goodbye and a moment of missing. Than it’s good to know that the icon is appreciated and shining its light somewhere, for whatever what reason or however people give meaning to it.

This icon can be made for you for:  incl. safe and secured sending.
You can pay € 1.490,- which is about $ 1.200,- at once or choose to pay 6 times € 249,-., order your traditional handicraft icon here!

Totaal: € -

If you prefer not to pay online, we can send you an invoice in your mailbox, so you can choose to pay from your Paypal. Ideal, Bankaccount or Creditcard.

After receiving your order we will email you to confirm, ask for your address and, in case you have any special message you want to connect with the icon, we like to hear about that as well. If you want to connect before ordering, please send us an email, to


Archangel Gabriël I
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