This Eleousa (Mother of Tenderness) is the third one I’m making with the same example, but this time I wanted to make her dressed in Blue and make it look like a very old icon.

So the board is an old wooden plank we’ve been using for years to cut the bread on. I dried the plank and prepaired it in the traditional way with glue, made of rabbitbones and skin (must search for a vegan but natural version), covered with cloth (old cotton sheet) and chalk from Kreta. The frame must look like a kind of ruined by the ages, so I’ve covered it with gold foil and araded it with sandpaper. Also attacked it with some metal tools to give it a battered appearance.

This one is also having her place in the house already. Our house is filled with unfinished icons, so I can watch them in quiet moments and notice what has to be done, the next step to finally finish them in the way I want it. Want to see more of the process?

Eleousa III (in progress)

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