The icon you love might already be here on this website.
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If not, you can have one be made especially for you.


Your wish = our dream?

You can choose any saint, subject, person, holy day, celebration or (biblical) story. Why not the one connected to your own name? Or one you love just because of the myth? In myths the angels are linked with special skills and virtues, so this can be your way to include such qualities in this special gift for someone or for yourself. Many of us have a name related to one of the twelve apostles or saints or just biblical figures, even when they’re not from a religious background.

Anyway, you can also just choose a face or picture you like. Or let us choose the subject? You can mail us for advice. This website is the place to be for iconlo♥ers.


Don’t hurry …

… because here we have all the time for you, for your wishes and for the creation of any icon. Icon writing is a meditative handicraft tradition and to choose and have an icon is very personal. You can use your icon for meditation, to help you and give comfort or confidence, like it is used in church. You can have it just as a piece of art, but even than they always seem to work for more. Every individual relates to an icon in his or her own way. Find your way!


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Jeannette van Uffelen & Christina Theodorakopoulou.